Single Family

Single Family

Single-family investment homes are rental properties that are purchased for the purpose of renting them out as a long-term or short-term rental. This is the most common and profitable ways to invest in real estate because regardless of the economy, people will always need a place to live.

Why Should You Invest in a Single-Family Rental?

  1. Positive Cash Flow

    Your goal as an investor is to make money. With single-family rentals, all you have to do is to secure a tenant into a long-term lease and all your expenses are paid off.

  2. Real Estate Appreciation

    You can also earn profit through real estate appreciation. Single-family homes value increases over time, regardless of rent prices so if you plan to sell after a number of years you will make a substantial profit.

  3. Tax Benefits

    Investors are able to deduct expenses off their tax forms. These benefits are one of the reasons people get involved in real estate.

  4. You can pay off Debt and Plan for Retirement

    Rental properties can help you with major financial decisions like paying off your mortgage, student or car debt. You could build a retirement plan from rental income